• Opening of the exhibition of the painter Barbara Bódi – Madách Theatre,
  • by Anikó Lévai, Goodwill Ambassador of Hungarian Interchurch Aid Kossuth Award winner and Jászai Mari Award winner director Tamás Szirtes


  • Solo dance show in Jászberény to advertise my mission ‘Tánccal az Elfogadásért’ (For Acceptance by Dance), performing sacral Hungarian dances together with contemporary gypsy ones and the ’mandatory’
  • Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) choreography
  • Performing a solo dance for the music video of Lilla Vincze and Xavier Rivadeneira in the Gödöllő Palace


  • Performing the solo dance choreography Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) in Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts, Hungary), in the framework of Szakcsi World Jazz Project, invited by the Kossuth Award winner piano player Béla Szakcsi Lakatos. The show was performed for the live music of Grammy winner Terri Lyne Carrington, Anthony Cox, Amit Chatterjee, Ikhlaq Hussian, Tony Lakatos, Mónika Rostás, Mónika Miczura and Csaba Rostás
  • Documentary with interviews in Kultikon, the art programme of Duna TV. I was invited by the director Judit Keserű. The documentary highlighted my achievements in contemporary Gipsy dances and included a live dance show
  • Performing the dance choreography Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) at the launch of a book by Menyhért Lakatos, invited by Éva Lakatos, sharing the stage among others with the poet József Choli Daróczi and the Kossuth Award winner painter István Zenana’s