Artistic revue dance

The dance piece titled “Artistic Revue” is primarily based on melodies of old times, including chansons and operas: Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Josephine Baker, Katalin Karády, Italian melodies.

The aim is to conjure up the impressions of the days that are long gone and have almost disappeared. Art, revue, dance, top hats, cigarette holders, glitter, glimpses of legs, red lipstick, mysterious lights.

“Artistic Revue” is everything that is refined, that is mysterious, that is beautifully feminine and soft. The audience just needs to sit back and let the dance choreography enchant them and take them back in time.

Dance choreography entitled “La Foule”
Miss Internet Hungary, artistic revue dance
Music: Edith Piaf

Dance choreography entitled “How Was It in Cuba?”
“Papp László” Budapest Sport Arena
“Republic” grand concert, artistic revue dance
Music: Republic

Dance choreography entitled “African dance”, artistic revue dance

Dance choreography entitled “How Was It in Cuba?”
Miss Internet Hungary Gala, artistic revue dance
Music: Republic.

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