Major performances

fellep1“By her very own dance choreographies she established a new style in the art of dancing: Edina Kerékgyártó created Sacral Hungarian Dance and Contemporary Gipsy Dance – Jazz Gypsy Dance. Reputed composers are keen to work with her as she claims the experience of internalising music is a basic necessity for her. Her choreographies are characterised by visualising music by dancing, strong emotions, an instinctive nature and a special inner strength. Edina Kerékgyártó is the proud holder of several Hungarian and international awards.

She started a new era in Hungarian pop music as well, creating a magnificent harmony between music and dance and conjuring up the Concert Theatre on stage by means of her. She was invited by several well-known artists and composers as the opening act to their major concerts. In 2007, Edina Kerékgyártó performed solo choreographies at the anniversary concert of the rock group Republic in Budapest Sportaréna (Budapest Sport Arena). This was probably the first time her uniqueness was noted by her peers – the enormous power of her solo dance could fill a stage as massive as that of Budapest Sportaréna and mesmerize the audience. The rock band “Republic” had the choreographies recorded and published on their own DVD.

Even though the artist was quite “young” in terms of number of years she had spent on stage, Duna TV was convinced by the authenticity of her unique and fresh choreographies and decided to make a portrait documentary about her. This documentary proved to be a huge success and brought fame for the artist. In 2012 she could demonstrate her ability to create her own, individual, fresh choreographies when performing solo dances on the stage of the Palace of Arts in the framework of the Szakcsi World Jazz Project. She shared the stage with Grammy winners Terri Lyne Carrington and Tony Lakatos and Kossuth Award winner Béla Szakcsi Lakatos. At this event, Edina Kerékgyártó probably reached the peak of her professional career – and in a very short time, at that – by creating a brand new dance style.


  • Opening of the exhibition of the sculptor Béla Fükő, Rodin Gallery, Szentendre
  • Opening of the exhibition of the painter Ari Magyar, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria (Klebelsberg Mansion of Culture, Budapest)


Concert Theatre

  • Opening of the Anniversary Concert of the folk group Kormorán, Körcsarnok, Budapest

Invited by Gergely Koltay, founder of Kormorán

  • Opening of the Anniversary Concert of the rock group Republic, Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

Invited by László “Cipő” (Shoe) Bódi, lead singer of Republic

  • Tour with Republic in the same year: Eger (Hungary), Tihanyi Szabadtéri Játékok (Open Air Art Festival of Tihany, Hungary), Targu Mures (Romania), Kisvárdai Színházi Napok (Theatre Days of Kisvárda, Hungary), etc.
  • From 2007, permanent member as a dancing artist of Buket – Budai Képzőművész Egyesület (Buket – Fine Arts Association of Buda) and Kaméleon Club
  • 2nd Chat Festival – Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria (Klebelsberg Mansion of Culture, Budapest)
  • Tavaszi Fesztivál (Budapest Spring Festival) – Fringe – Millenáris Park
  • Budapest Television – ”Dance Artist of the Year” Award
  • From 2007, regular performer as a dance artist at Benke Etka Yoga events


  • Invited by Kodály Zoltán Men’s Chorus for a joint production directed by József Rauly, broadcast by Echo TV: Cigányvarázs (Gipsy Magic), a show in the programme “Bridge between the Hungarian and Roma cultures”
  • Opening of the Anniversary Concert of the world music group “Vágtázó Csodaszarvas”, Petőfi Csarnok (Petőfi Hall), Budapest
  • 5th Hungarian World Ball, joint performance with the singer Lilla Vincze: Grand Hotel Hungária
  • Concert in the Church of Terézváros (Budapest, District 6) invited Lilla Vincze
  • Fészek Klub – Solo Show with the composer Sándor Fekete-Kiss
  • Bethesda Charity Evening – Hotel Intercontinental


  • Joint production with Rajkó Művészegyüttes (“Rajkó” Art Ensemble) – invited by the director István Gerendási Templomkerti Esték (Churchyard Evenings) – Máriaremete, Budapest
  • Crowning of the Wine Queen in Egerszólát – dance show
  • Opening of the exhibition of the painter Ari Magyar, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria (Klebelsberg Mansion of Culture, Budapest)


  • Exhibition opening, invited by Classical Artists Worldwide – BM Duna Palota
  • Opening of the painting exhibition ”Egyptian Paintings in Budapest”, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria (Klebelsberg Mansion of Culture, Budapest) – Patron of the event: His Excellency Aly El-Hefny


  • Performing the choreography Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) in the Gipsy quarter ”Hétes” (Ózd); invited by the documentary film maker Kriszta Bódis
  • Duna TV made a portrait documentary about my professional credo and choreographies, shooting the choreographies at outdoor locations, under the title ’Isten kezében’ (In the Hands of God)


  • Performing the solo dance choreography Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) in Művészetek Palotája (Palace of Arts, Hungary), in the framework of Szakcsi World Jazz Project, invited by the Kossuth Award winner piano player Béla Szakcsi Lakatos. The show was performed for the live music of Grammy winner Terri Lyne Carrington, Anthony Cox, Amit Chatterjee, Ikhlaq Hussian, Tony Lakatos, Mónika Rostás, Mónika Miczura and Csaba Rostás.
  • Documentary with interviews in Kultikon, the art programme of Duna TV. I was invited by the director Judit Keserű. The documentary highlighted my achievements in contemporary Gipsy dances and included a live dance show.
  • Performing the dance choreography Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) at the launch of a book by Menyhért Lakatos, invited by Éva Lakatos, sharing the stage among others with the poet József Choli Daróczi and the Kossuth Award winner painter István Szentandrássy


  • Solo dance show in Jászberény to advertise my mission “Tánccal az Elfogadásért” (For Acceptance by Dance), performing sacral Hungarian dances together with contemporary gypsy ones and the ’mandatory’ Cigányhimnusz (Gypsy Anthem) choreography
  • Performing a solo dance for the music video of Lilla Vincze and Xavier Rivadeneira in the Gödöllő Palace


  • Opening of the exhibition of the painter Barbara Bódi  – Madách Theatre
  • by Anikó Lévai, Goodwill Ambassador of a Magyar Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet (Hungarian Interchurch Aid) Kossuth Award winner and Jászai Mari Award winner Director of Theatre and director Tamás Szirtes