Jazz Gypsy dance

Freedom is something that is not provided by your environment, but it is a permanently glowing, inner urge. A feeling that you cannot shake.

The Jazz Gypsy dance choreographies were created to the songs of foreign jazz and blues musicians, in contrast with contemporary Gipsy dance choreographies using authentic Gypsy music or the music of Hungarian performers.

To me the Jazz Gypsy dance is freedom, infinity, the “paradise” of dance improvisation. Today I consider myself lucky to be different and to dance something that is different, because this way I can give much more! This is infinite harmony is the Jazz Gypsy dance!

Szakcsi World Jazz Gypsy Project – Dance choreography entitled “Gelem, Gelem”, contemporary gypsy dance, Palace of Arts. Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos – piano, Reginald Veal (USA) – double bass, Terri Lyne Carrington (USA) – drums, Florin Niculescu (RO) – violin, Bireli Lagrène (F) – guitar, Ikhlaq Hussain (USA, India) – sitar, Amit Chatterjee – vocals, guitar; Mónika Miczura (Mitsoura) – vocals, Mónika Rostás – vocals, Adittee Bhagwat (India) – authentic Indian dance, Csaba Rostás – percussions, vocals.

Blues Jazz Gypsy Kortárs Tánc / Blues Jazz Gypsy Contemporary Dance

Kortárs Jazz Tánc / Contemporary Jazz Dance

Jazz Gypsy Tánc / Jazz Gypsy Dance

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