Concert theatre

I can fight and die for the single (dance) step that is called: Human Being.

All at once, you recognize yourself in your dance choreographies, and the thought crystallizes: you do not only want to live your dances on the stage, at the concerts, but also in your life!

And so the strongest dances are born. The Concert Theatre is a drop of life.

Dance choreography entitled “Conjure with my Heart”, sacral Hungarian dance, “Papp László” Budapest Sport Aréna – Republic grand concert, sacral Hungarian dance. Music: Republic

Dance choreography entitled “Ave Maria”, concert theatre
Churchyard Evenings
Music: “Rajkó” Art Ensemble, Singer: Lilla Vincze

Dance choreography entitled “Songs All the Way to the Stars”, concert theatre, “Petőfi” Hall – The Prancing Miraculous Stag, grand concert
Music: The Prancing Miraculous Stag
Singer: Attila Grandpierre

Szakcsi World Jazz Gypsy Project – Dance choreography entitled “Gelem, Gelem”, contemporary gypsy dance, Palace of Arts. Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos – piano, Reginald Veal (USA) – double bass, Terri Lyne Carrington (USA) – drums, Florin Niculescu (RO) – violin, Bireli Lagrène (F) – guitar, Ikhlaq Hussain (USA, India) – sitar, Amit Chatterjee – vocals, guitar; Mónika Miczura (Mitsoura) – vocals, Mónika Rostás – vocals, Adittee Bhagwat (India) – authentic Indian dance, Csaba Rostás – percussions, vocals.

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