Contemporary dance

For me, contemporary dance means self-expression: experiencing the music internally and then expressing it through movement, making it visual.

Mastering the basic contemporary dance techniques (Limón, Graham, Art Jazz, and other techniques) are only tools in our hands, which give us ‘crutches’ for self-expression, BUT the emphasis is not on contemporary dance techniques in case of a choreography, but on becoming imbued with it.

In my contemporary dance choreographies, self-expression is emphasised, along with living with the music and expressing it visually.

In memory of the victims of the Holocaust
The dance choreography entitled “Train”, contemporary dance.
Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

Sára Berczik Memorial Competition
Dance choreography entitled “Change”, contemporary dance category:
Special prize. Music: Peter Gabriel

Dance choreography entitled “I cannot find you anywhere”
Contemporary dance and concert theatre
Music: Quimby.

Dance choreography entitled “Inner child”
modern dance and contemporary dance
Music: Sándor Fekete-Kiss.

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