Contemporary gipsy dance

Both contemporary and not, both Gypsy and not… And yet this contemporary Gypsy dance style, which can be considered as new in Europe, found a way in me with elementary force. Art begins where, after 20 years of practising, you believe what you are doing.

I am capable of dying for that one step. For that single step that is called Human Being. Now that is contemporary Gypsy dance: the Human Being itself.

About contemporary Gipsy dance: a dance piece creates its own rules and takes its message while going on its own path.

its message while going on its own path.

I never meant to be an authentic Gypsy dancer and I never meant to be a jazz gypsy dancer either. The two labels combined have become mine.

Dance choreography entitled “Na dara”
Contemporary jazz gypsy dance
Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos.

Dance choreography entitled “If I Could Be a Flower”
Contemporary Gypsy dance
Music and lyrics: Bea Palya.

Dance choreography entitled “Gypsy Anthem”
Contemporary Gypsy dance – “Sirály” International Dance Festival – 1st place
Music: Andro Drom

Szakcsi World Jazz Gypsy Project – Dance choreography entitled “Gelem, Gelem”, contemporary gypsy dance, Palace of Arts. Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos – piano, Reginald Veal (USA) – double bass, Terri Lyne Carrington (USA) – drums, Florin Niculescu (RO) – violin, Bireli Lagrène (F) – guitar, Ikhlaq Hussain (USA, India) – sitar, Amit Chatterjee – vocals, guitar; Miczura Mónika (Mitsoura) – vocals, Rostás Mónika – vocals, Adittee Bhagwat (India) – authentic Indian dance, Rostás Csaba – percussions, vocals.

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